Man Accessories 2.0

Hello guys!

After closing the great brackets of Altaroma’s fashion Week, I would like to resume the accessories argument. I’ll tell you how to wear the right accessories creating harmony between colours and consequently, highlighting your style.

During the “Sale” period I felt like I was in battle at every store. Do you know “the Gladiator”? I felt like that, saying the famous phrase “at my signal unleashed hell” 😂.

Here are my purchases with the two outfits taken in the coolest periods of this really hot summer 🔥.

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In the picture I have an athletic  and comfortable style. I wear a white shirt with a city print, there are details that resemble the colours of summer and also recall the colours of all the outfit. The shorts I wear are blue cotton bunny slightly above my knees. The strong point of my outfit is certainly the Ecopelle Backpack, that has been frequently used in the various catwalks of many brands at this time (I think the backpack is my best buy, it makes me feel a teenager … blessed youth! 😂).

The backpack is red and black, featuring high geometric decorative engravings resembling studs. These details make you think of a street style, without appearing vulgar. On the other hand, it is refined in its entirety, with shades of red slightly darker than the shoes.
Finally, I’ve completed everything with sneakers, lined with linen on the edge of the shoes like the espadrillas one.

Guys, no matter if the colours in the accessories are different, this also applies in clothing. It is important that you should employ a derivative colour because the result of this play of colours is always impeccable. So you should always hazard but with good taste 😊.

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This year the striped fantasies have had a positive spot in 2017 fashion industry.
In this photo I wear a white and a light-blue striped jacket with blue electric buttons stitched with a red thread (no guys, I’m not selling ice-cream, I’m not an ice-cream man! 😁). Under the jacket, I wear a light gray shirt and a pair of slim narrow lapel beige pants .

The accessories are: an elegant brown leather belt, a pair of English shiny brown leather shoes that blend into the tip with a darker shade, and a sleek Business Slim Leather Case with a light brown tint (an accessory that may seems small but inside it can contain many things such as,for example, Mary Poppins’ bag).
Certainly, it is essential for a businessman attached to his PC, and on the agenda of the commitments! This completes my elegant summer outfit.

Boys that is all for today! I look forward to knowing your opinions! Therefore, do not hesitate to comment and follow me if you liked it.



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