How Can I put you on underwear (swimwear)

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This will be an article with few words and many pictures, because the photos can actually explain you everything. Today’s topic is Swimwear in particular trunks and speedos; An “Evergreen” that makes men sexy and hunter in this sea full of fish 😂, for a relaxing and thoughtless summer.

As you can see below I am showing you an underwear model (let’s say that he is focusing too much on how to get his perfect abdomen with the so-called “six-pack”, because it’s not enough for him to have a “turtle”,  as we say in Italy, as a pet 😁).

Last year, everyone would like to have fluorescent clothes because this was the trend.
This year more normal colours are offered or even some items with very summer prints.
Indeed, some brands use the Pineapple as an icon for this season.

That’s all for today guys!
I showed you my ideas.
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