“Shoes & Bags” It’s just everyman for himself! 😁

Hello boys and girls!

This is a bit technical article, so it will be without any images. This time round I am talking about something that women really love (including some men even though they do not  admit it 😁). It could be a double-edged sword since in case I go too far, it would be a drop in the style.

As the famous Marilyn Monroe said: “jewelry are women best friends“. Actually, I can confirm that women best friends are: jewelry, which are part of fashion accessory, as well as gay men 😂.

Accessories are indispensable to make our outfits complete and unique in their kind. Without them our style may not be worthy of note, but we should pay attention not to decorate it like a Christmas tree.

The most popular bags for the Spring/Summer 2017 season are mainly Microbag, Tote and Maxi Bags with animal prints, the latter being widely used by famous brands such as Dolce&Gabbana and Furla.

Men’s Bags: They are made especially of canvas and leather and they can be used on any occasion, from Casual to Business. I consider them very important because they can improve the fashion style and they are practical and useful in their functionality.

During the Spring/Summer 2017 Season the bags in vogue are Backpacks, Work Bags, Weekend Bag and Pouchette; the latter I used recently in my latest articles (I have to tell you I did not feel uncomfortable but I have to say that Pouchette made easier for me to carry keys, wallet, mobile phone and handkerchiefs).

Women’s Shoes: These are another essential pieces. Like Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series “Sex and the City” with her Manolo Blahnik. Every woman’s dream is to have a cabinet with only shoes and all kinds of handbags. They would like to count them down until they fall asleep like children do with sheep 😁.

Shoes of Spring/Summer season 2017 are the low ones, odd but true! Especially flat muleslow sabot, cuissardes boots with this tights effect thin, sandals and white sneakers.

Men’s Shoes: A lot of guys that I knew do not give importance to this accessory and this is a mistake that they should not commit because shoes reinforces their style giving value to the dress they wear.

In the spring/summer season 2017 shoes that we can wear are the Church’s Burwood model, Espadrilla (my favorite), Sandals in various models, fringed mocassins and sneakers.

In the next article I will show and deeply talk to you about how to match shoes and bags, both for men and women.

Boys and Girls that is all for today! I look forward to knowing your opinions! Therefore, do not hesitate to comment and follow me if you liked it 😊.

I hope that it has been useful ☺.



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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my site. I like low heels because I’m getting older and they’re comfortable. I bought a pair of black flats with a shiny silver buckle and I feel stylish in those. Take care.

    1. Concurring with Constance! High heels are not recommended by many health experts.

      Thank you, LoShame, for sharing your expertise in this technical article. You do have a very good sense of fashion and beauty.

      By the way, I wonder whether there is a missing word in the title ““Shoes & bags” It’s just every!”. Should there not be another word following the word “every”?

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