Last sunny drops

Hi guys!

I’m here today to talk about the latest summer outfits, since autumn is almost at the door!

I chose a style suitable for a daytime beach area: casual semi-elegant and not very demanding, in a nutshell practical 😁.

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In this image I use two shades of blue and two shades of brown. A light blue Korean short-sleeved regular-fit linen shirt; slim fit blue cotton shorts and a pair of loafers of the same colour as the shorts (which are very comfortable). The accessories I wear are: a light brown whatchband watch, a dark brown pochette with golden buttons that make this item really glamorous. Finally, a pair of brown glasses.

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As you can see in the picture above I have a total white look (I look candid like a virgin 😂) with black accessories.

In this picture I wear a short-sleeved Korean shirt with black buttons, white slim fit cotton pants, very light and comfortable. In regards to the accessories, which I always consider important, I chose a pair of black shoes with a yellow stripe on the sole; a black leather case pochette, a watch with a black watch strap and a pair of clear spectacles with mirrored glasses, to have an eye-catching look. This outfit is suitable for a white party and of course, to close the summer with style.

Guys, that’s all for today! I showed you my ideas. I look forward to hear your opinions, so do not hesitate to comment! I recommend you to follow me on Instagram loshame85.

I hope that I have been useful.



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  1. HI, I tried to follow you on instagram but the link didn’t work. How do I find you there? Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out 🙂