A Monday in Autumn

Hello guys!

Today is the first Monday of Autumn and I cannot miss our weekly appointment to administer you the “Monday’s Pill” with a sweet, delicate and naturally Autumnal flavour.

For the top, I propose a light blue cotton sweater (DKNY), bought in London on a typical cloudy London day; a pair of pants (Armani Junior) light gray chino model; to make the outfit a bit more simple, I decide to wear a pair of blue sports shoes (Timberland). I’ve put together classic black-style (D&G) glasses to make my day’s look georgous.

This early week I am suggesting a casual style, I am leaving the t-shirts apart and I am using an outfit that will protect you from the outcoming cold weather 😉.

Boys, that’s all for this Monday!

NB: Read the leaflet carefully, its prolonged usage may create dependency; in case the problem persists please do not hesitate to contact your trusted fashion blogger 😁.