A Monday in a Windbreaker

Hello guys!

Finally Monday has arrived and I’m on time as a Swiss watch, ready to give you the “Monday’s Pill“, a dose of morning style.


Today the pill is made up of: 150 mg of blue windbreaker (Esprit), suitable for the cold early morning; 100 mg of a long-sleeved petroleum blue shirt (Zara) purchased in the children’s section; Pill is covered with 0.15 mg of super-skinny blue jeans (Guess), which blends well with the windbreaker.

Finally 0.10 mg of aqua green suede (Asos). I do also recommend one or two sprays of Dior Sport perfume, which give you the energy needed to face the day.

Guys, that’s all for this Monday.

NB: You should read the leaflet carefully, in case you might develop an allergy discontinue the treatment. Please contact the nearest boutique or your trusted fashion blogger immediately.




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