The casual style should not to be underestimated!

Hello guys! Today I am talking about the Casual style, perfect for the daytime during a sunny or a rainy weather.

This style is convenient to manage and easy to create; a style that has become one of the most popular. Garments with this style have undergone to changes over time by adding accessories that have strengthened the style over years.

Personally, this season in Sicily puts me in crisis, because it goes from the almost summer weather to the cool autumn, therefore I thought “why not using a casual style in this article”?

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The garment I wear is a sporty slim fit blue blazer (bought in the Zara Department); a blue-and-white square shirt with this gray-colored sweater effect on the front that is one with the shirt; slightly faded slim jeans and finally a pair of light gray espadrillas. I terminate my outfit by adding a watch with blue silicone strap very sporty and lightweight.

The second outfit is Business-casual, that is a more elegant style ideal for a businessman who wants to try a comfortable outfit, compared to the standard suit.

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In this picture, I wear a gray slim fit shirt with crumpled effect (I swear I bought it like that); there is no doubt that you should enjoy the crumpled effect otherwise it’s OUT.
The bottom consists of a slim stretch red trousers (purchased at the H&M children Department). The red colour in all its shades dominated the 2017 catwalk … therefore if you are wearing red you are IN for the today’s trend! In conclusion, I combined the whole with black studded leather moccasins, which gives you a glitter effect.

In regards to the accessories, I wear a purple eco-leather belt and a steel watch.

I have customized the business-casual style to reflect my personality (you always have to customize your style).

Guys, that’s all for today! I showed you my ideas. I look forward to hear your opinions, so do not hesitate to comment! I recommend you to follow me on Instagram loshame85.

I hope that I have been useful.



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  1. For some reason, I think that you look better in the second outfit. Do you have a preference between the two?

    In any case, both outfits in the casual style are very satisfactory. Thank you, LoShame. 🙂