A Monday in a Trench coat!

Hello guys!

Finally, like every Monday, I prescribe you my style therapy with tips on how to start the week. The drug prescribed is called “Monday’s Pill“, this will help you to face the day with more gear.

The outfit shown is more elegant than the casual one that I have been presenting you in our past appointments.


I have combined the beige slim fit Trench coat (Zara kids), a white, blue and light-blue triped shirt (Armani Junior); The bottom consists of a pair of beige chino model pants (Lacoste).
The accessories are: a white belt (Rocco Barocco), a navy-blue pouch (Zara Man) and a Moccasin style shoes (Calvin Klein) with a more intense shade of blue than the pouch.

With one or two sprays of perfume (Laura Biagiotti’s Roma Men), the pill goes down in a most delightful way 😁.

If you feel you lack of ideas on what you have to wear, take this cap every morning with an empty stomach, and you will see an improvement in your outfits.

Guys that’s all for this Monday.

NB: Please read the leaflet carefully, do not exceed the recommended dose. In some subjects it may create drowsiness and dizziness.
In case you develop any of these symptoms, please do not hesitate to contact your trusted fashion blogger.

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