An eco-leather Monday

The eco-leather: a look at future collections

Hello guys!
Welcome to our weekly appointment, for my dose of style with the “Monday’s Pill“, full of innovative ingredients such as eco-leather garments.

A very aggressive-style therapy for true skin lovers; but nothing is lost, finally, the eco-leather is becoming the most used product during these years! The proof is given by Gucci (joining the fur free alliance), which we will see in the next collection.


Today, I suggest you a brown eco-leather jacket bought at the kids department (Benetton), a white long sleeve t-shirt with a black print (Zara kids); simple skinny jeans (Guess) and finally, gray suede sneakers with brown laces ( Polo Ralph Lauren).

Without any doubt, I also recommend one or two sprays of Hugo Boss Iced to have a fresh and healthy style.

In these images I show you an Urban-style pill, a comfortable and practical style for poor-tasteful subjects.

Guys that’s all for this Monday!

NB: Please do not take a double dose to compensate for missed doses. Please read the leaflet carefully. Some people may experience hypersensitivity reactions, in which case discontinue treatment and contact your trusted fashion blogger.