A Monday in tie

The tie a touch of modernity to the classical figure

Hello guys!
Like every week I am here to provide you my dose of style with the “Monday’s pill“.
Firstly, in this outfit I am using a tie, creating a Business Casual style.

To tell you the truth I love Mondays because I look forward to making for you a “pill” that suits your needs.


Today I propose you a black and gray striped cardigan, bought in London; a slim elasticized white shirt, and finally, a pair of black cotton flannel trousers (Sisley).
Secondly, the accessories I am using are: a black and gray tie; a pair of casual gray shoes (Tommy Hilfiger) suitable for the daytime; a black pouch (Zara Man) that makes the perfect outfit for your day.

Obviously we cannot forget about one spray of “Le Male” (Jean Paul Gaultier) fragrance, which is very intense and decided to dress up the outfit you wear 😊.

Guys that’s all for this Monday.

NB: Please read the leaflet carefully, the drug may cause mood swings and loss of appetite.
In case you develop any of these symptoms please suspend the treatment and consult your trusted fashion blogger.



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