Monday in backpack

Start your week with a backpack!

Hello guys!
Today is our “Monday’s pill” day, made up for today of this important ingredient: the Backpack.

The backpack has fashionably come back in the last few years. Basically, it is a redesign of the traditional backpack but created in a way that meets the needs of today’s society. An accessory usually used in showrooms for men, women and children.


The pill contains a white t-shirt (Zara), with a print of a skull and studs (just in time to contribute to the Halloween theme).

Additionally, I am proposing in the top a gray woolen cardigan, and the bottom consists of a pair of slim fit jeans (Calvin Klein).

As for the accessories, I am suggesting a pair of black shoes (Zara) in a very sporty moccasin style; an eco-leather (Benetton) wallet in tri-fold style.
Finally, a red backpack (Tucano): a sporty model with nice pockets on the inside useful to place your PC or tablet.

Also, I recommend taking the pill with one or two sprays of endymion cologne (Penhaligon’s), a colony that makes you immune to bad taste. The colony will work and will make your outfit healthy and good for you.

Guys that’s all for this Monday.

NB: Please read the leaflet carefully, do not administer it under 12 years of age. The drug may create fatigue in sports practitioners. If the problem persists you should consider to consult your trusted fashion blogger.