Jeans a timeless success

Hello guys!

Today I will talk about how to use your jeans in different occasions, staying trendy with a flawless style.

Jeans have a lot of history behind them and they have became a “must have”, classifying themself as one of the most used garments in our wardrobe. In fact, it is a very versatile garment and available in different colours, always allowing disparate and unique combinations.

Over the years, jeans have had various patterns following styles and trends such as regular, slim fit, flared jeans etc ….

The first outfit that I show you today, reproduces a strong style, almost a street-style, aiming at the comfort of the everyday life.

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Additionally, in this picture, I am wearing a dark brown eco-leather biker-style jacket (bought in the Zara Kids department) with a crossed closure covered in synthetic sheepskin. A light and dark gray sweater (Benetton that you can find at the kids side) with yellow curry details.

In the lower part I am wearing a pair of skinny black jeans (Sisley), which I love because it highlights the male anatomy.

In regard to accessories: I am wearing a light gray cotton cap, perfect to protect yourself from the cold and frost weather. At the feet level, I am wearing a pair of ankle boots (Timberland), covered in wool in the upper part of it.

Last but not least, a belt recycled by a bicycle tire. This is a truly unique artisan accessory, which can be purchased online at with a 10% discount, by entering the “LOSHAME10” voucher code. Please take advantage of it!

On the contrary, in this photo I am proposing you a Urban Chic style, again using jeans.

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I am putting on a dark blue velvet shaped fit jacket (H&M kids) with a button closure, a red shirt with white polka dots regular pattern (H&M kids) whereas the lower part consists of a pair of blue jeans, skinny model as usual (Benetton).

The accessories in this picture are: a blue velvet bow tie (also purchased at the H&M kids department), paired with the Timberland jacket and ankle boots, featured in my first outfit.
I did not choose many accessories to make the outfit lighter and to not weigh down the style.

Finally, I showed you how to use jeans of different colors, changing only the upper part of the garment, re-proposing the same shoes to offer you two styles and outfits but with elements in common.

Guys, that’s all for today! I showed you my ideas. I look forward to hear your opinions, so do not hesitate to comment! I recommend you to follow me on Instagram loshame85.

I hope that I have been useful.



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