A velvet Christmas

Velvet: a re-evaluated fabric

Hello guys!

Finally today is Christmas, probably the most awaited day of the year, and as I promised, I will show you my Christmas outfit to make this magical day unique.

For us fashion bloggers, today the search is for something that recalls the holidays and I could not fail at it. So I tried to create an easy outfit that would suit everyone.

My proposal is the velvet, a fabric that, in my opinion, represents today’s spirit at best as it recalls the great maternal embrace that warms the heart.

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I am wearing a dark blue velvet jacket (H&M), under which you can not miss the white shirt with red details on the buttons. Finally, at the bottom, I am also wearing a pair of red wine pants, one of this year’s very fashionable colours.

As accessories: a velvet bow tie (H&M) of a tone that matches the one used for the jacket, a classic folded burgundy pocket handkerchief and a classic black leather eco-belt.

I completed my Christmas-themed style with Santa’s hat, since today I will only give gifts to those who have been good at following my style tips!

One last piece of advice, always play on accessories, even those purely Christmasy. There are so many objects around that you can use for these holidays , such as Christmas-themed papillon, or earrings of the same kind for women. Not to mention scarves and bags with lively and themed prints. These are nice objects that you can integrate into your outfit for informal and friendly dinners, as long as you do not fall into excesses! Otherwise you risk decorating yourself worse than a Christmas tree. So do opt for themed accessories, provided you maintain a certain moderation and sobriety. All clear?

Boys that’s all for today! I showed you my ideas. I’m curious to know your opinions, so do not hesitate to comment! I recommend to follow me on Instagram loshame85.

Merry Christmas.

I hope I have been helpful.



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