The change in the society passes from the catwalk

Altaroma leader of a new company

Hello guys

The third day of Rome’s fashion week has opened with the collection Fall/Winter 2018-19 by Marco Rambaldi.

The day with the most important event of Altaroma: “Fashion is Great” by Sadie Clayton.

A truly unique collection, especially for the choice of mature models, which has exceeded the mental limits that society itself imposes on us.

His creations represent the sensuality of the woman not seen as an active subject of society.

He tries to bring back through his garments the sexual liberation of the 70s through pinstriped suits, bon-ton dresses in jacquard, faux fur coats and finally colorful knitwear with rainbow hearts, symbols of the brand.

Guests were given pins with particularly meaningful messages, such as “take care of yourself”.

Fashion is Great by Sadie Clayton:

In this edition of Altaroma, the diversity walks on the catwalk with the British designer Sadie Clayton, who presented her A / W collection 2018.

Sixteen different models choosed by skills, ethnicity, years and fitness, bring a new vision on the catwalk from the stereotypes of perfection. A stereotype that for several years has been increasingly challenged among the fashion shows in the world promoting a change.

The event took place at the residence of the British Ambassador in Villa Wolkonsky.

For the first time, Ambassador Jill Morris opened the doors of his residence and, on the occasion of this very important event, the designer’s collection was presented in order to embrace the landlady’s thought.

A certainly symbolic and current event that still needs so much attention in modern society.