An eco-leather Monday

The eco-leather: a look at future collections Hello guys! Welcome to our weekly appointment, for my dose of style with the “Monday’s Pill“, full of innovative ingredients such as eco-leather garments. A very aggressive-style therapy for true skin lovers; but nothing is lost, finally, the eco-leather is becoming the most used product during these years!… Continua a leggere An eco-leather Monday

A Monday in a Windbreaker

Hello guys! Finally Monday has arrived and I’m on time as a Swiss watch, ready to give you the “Monday’s Pill“, a dose of morning style. Today the pill is made up of: 150 mg of blue windbreaker (Esprit), suitable for the cold early morning; 100 mg of a long-sleeved petroleum blue shirt (Zara) purchased… Continua a leggere A Monday in a Windbreaker

A Monday in Autumn

Hello guys! Today is the first Monday of Autumn and I cannot miss our weekly appointment to administer you the “Monday’s Pill” with a sweet, delicate and naturally Autumnal flavour. For the top, I propose a light blue cotton sweater (DKNY), bought in London on a typical cloudy London day; a pair of pants (Armani… Continua a leggere A Monday in Autumn

An easy going Autumn 😊.

Hello guys! Autumn has finally arrived! This period brings a bit of melancholy: the leaves fall, the temperatures drop, but it still carries the memory of a summer full of adventures, sun and sea. Along with this season, new collections arrive in stores, so what does it means? SHOPPING!! 😂. In the photos you see,… Continua a leggere An easy going Autumn 😊.


Hello guys! With this post I will start a weekly appointment that I will call “Monday’s Pill“, a dose of style to start the week.   For this Monday I choose a simple t-shirt with light blue stripes and a brown cardigan to be prepared for temperature changes in this unpredictable season. Additionally, for the… Continua a leggere Monday!

Last sunny drops

Hi guys! I’m here today to talk about the latest summer outfits, since autumn is almost at the door! I chose a style suitable for a daytime beach area: casual semi-elegant and not very demanding, in a nutshell practical 😁. In this image I use two shades of blue and two shades of brown. A… Continua a leggere Last sunny drops

Ultime gocce di sole

Ciao Ragazzi! Oggi sono qui per parlarvi degli ultimi outfit estivi, dato che l’autunno è quasi alle porte! Ho scelto una Mise adatta a una zona balneare per il giorno: casual semi-elegante e non molto impegnativa, in poche parole pratico 😁. In questa immagine utilizzo due tonalitĂ  di blu e due tonalitĂ  di marrone, una… Continua a leggere Ultime gocce di sole

Man Accessories 2.0

Hello guys! After closing the great brackets of Altaroma’s fashion Week, I would like to resume the accessories argument. I’ll tell you how to wear the right accessories creating harmony between colours and consequently, highlighting your style. During the “Sale” period I felt like I was in battle at every store. Do you know “the Gladiator”?… Continua a leggere Man Accessories 2.0

Accessori Uomo 2.0

Ciao ragazzi! Dopo aver chiuso la grande parentesi della Fashion Week di Altaroma, riprendo l’argomento accessori . Vi parlerò di come indossare gli Accessori giusti creando armonia fra i colori e di conseguenza, risaltando il proprio stile. Nel periodo dei “Saldi” mi sono sentito come in battaglia in ogni negozio. Avete presente “il Gladiatore”? Mi… Continua a leggere Accessori Uomo 2.0

Altaroma: Premio Ci.Effe

Ciao ragazzi! Oggi vi parlerò di un evento presente nel calendario di Altaroma, al quale si accedeva su invito, si tratta del “Premio Ci.Effe” alla sua seconda edizione. La manifestazione si è svolta durante un fantastico cocktail party. La conduttrice della premiazione era anche la Guest Star della serata, Hoara Borselli, conduttrice e attrice tv… Continua a leggere Altaroma: Premio Ci.Effe